A Musical Mythical Fairy Tale

16-page Dinosaur Activities Booklet

Superb performing arts, setting a new standard of excellence for children's theatre.”

16-page Arts Activities Booklet

An original creation of ASA composers Cimino, Albagli and Klibonoff, The Great Dinosaur Rescure was commissioned in 1989 by the Kennedy Center and New York State's Imagination Celebration. Starring a life-size Dinosaur Maiasaura and ASA's Leading Lady, Dianne Legro as Geralyn, the 56-minute musical fairytale is packed with memorable songs, soaring orchestrations, dream-like sequences, fabulous projections or far-away galaxies, dinosaurs and endangered species. Comprehensive educational materials gave teachers and students a wealth of preparatory options and helped to make really great entertainment genuinely terrific education.

More Interesting that Cinderella ... five stars!”

Multi-disciplinary education at its best.”

The Cadillac of arts education productions ... the best we've ever seen!”

A dream can give you wings and set you free
To rise above your fears and learn to be
To soar above the clouds and really see
In the sparkle of a human eye
The jewel of our night-time sky Our Earth, our planet home
As beautiful as Eden e’er could be.

— From In My World,
The Great Dinosaur Rescue